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City Portal

The Stevens Point City View Portal is helpful for checking outstanding fines when returning security deposits.  Select Case Search under Code Enforcement then enter your property address and press GO!


County Recycling Guide

Bring the following to the Portage County Transfer Facility:   Antifreeze, Used Oil, or Oil Filters in 2.5 gallon containers or less. No debris or rags.  Electronics such as computers, televisions, DVD or VHS players, radios, etc.  Appliances such as microwaves, refrigerators, drinking fountains, washers, dryers, toasters, etc.


Household Hazardous Waste such as Stains, pool chemicals, weed killers, fertilizers, etc. are by appointment only, call 715-346-1931.


Bring the following items to the Portage County Recycling Center:  Large bulky plastic items such as chairs, buckets, toys, laundry baskets, etc. (Items not accepted in curbside recycling bins).  Extra recyclables from parties or gatherings.


Portage County Solid Waste loans out event recycling bins for FREE.  Great for graduations or family gatherings.  Call 715-345-5970 to reserve.



Portage County solid Waste is located at 600 Moore Road in the Village of Plover east of I-39 and north of County Hwy B.


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